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Become A Card Holder For Authorized Users and Raise your FICO Score Now!

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Have you ever think to become a cardholder for authorized users? If no, then it’s time to think about it. It is an amazing feature of the credit card that helps you to raise your FICO score. You will not found this outstanding feature in any other forms of payment. With a credit card, you can add additional cardholders to your account with no additional charge. Let’s have a look that what exactly it is?

What is a Credit Card Authorized User?

Fundamentally, a credit card authorized user is an individual who has permission to use someone else's credit card but isn’t legally responsible for paying the bill. For personal cards, authorized users are typically relatives, for example, a kid or a life partner. It is the best way to restore your credit score rapidly.

How to make an Authorized User?

It is an extremely simple process that anyone can do as most credit-card issuers will allow you to add an authorized user over the phone, through a paper application or online form. Once you add an authorized user to an account, the new account should appear on his or her credit report by the end of the next billing cycle. The primary account holder’s credit report will not reflect the additional authorized users.

Impact on FICO Credit Score/ Credit History

FICO score is completely depending on the history of your credit card. The history of the credit card could show up on the authorized user’s credit report in two scenarios:

  1. If the primary account holder has a strong history of on-time payments, then it will make a positive impact on his/her credit report. Low account's credit utilization rate will make your credit report good. You can check your utilization rate by dividing total credit card balances on total credit card limits.
  2. In the second scenario, your credit can take a beating when a primary account holder misses a payment on the card — just one late payment can have a negative impact. The same goes for high credit usage on the account.

Benefits of having Additionally Authorized Cardholders

There are numerous benefits of having the additionally authorized cardholder that boost your credit score. It is an outstanding method of extending your purchasing power. Take a normal example of our day-to-day life. Many times we give our credit card to our family members or relatives to use it. At that time, the individual can make their own purchases that you will pay for. Apart from this, they can also use a significant number of the advantages that your card may offer such as travel protection etc. Your additionally authorized cardholder can do this regardless of whether they have no credit or poor credit.

Here is a complete list of the benefits of having the additionally authorized cardholder. Have a look at them!

  • Earn Rewards
  • Valuable Experience
  • Convenience
  • Financial Coverage
  • No Bounced Checks
  • Safety Guarantees

Make Money by Renting an Authorized User Account on Credit Cards

In this modern era where paper money is replaced with e-wallet, one can earn money by leasing an authorized user tradelines account on credit cards. It is a simple procedure to lease your credit card to a person who utilizes it and boost credit score fast, it will be productive for you since they will acquire a good credit history. 

Is It Worth To Buy Credit Card For Lease?

There are numerous peoples who are aware of Tradelines. By looking at all the benefits of leasing a credit card to authorized users, it clearly shows that people have lots of benefits from it. Getting in touch with Tradelines is a sure shot method to boost credit score against the significant amount of finance even without any risk.


Hammering the final nail, it can be concluded that renting your credit card to the authorized users is very useful and the easiest way of raising your FICO score.

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