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Authorized User (AU) Tradelines

Priority Tradelines is committed to delivering top-notch credit enhancement services, ensuring the security and protection of your payment and personal information throughout the entire process. Your confidentiality and financial safety are our priorities.

Supercharge Your Credit: Boost in 30 Days or less with Priority Tradelines!

Boost your credit with our Authorized User (AU) Tradelines! Join the ranks of satisfied Priority Tradelines AU clients who've unlocked the secret to enhancing their credit effortlessly. Once you order , we add you as an authorized user to our great-limit, low-utilization credit cards with impeccable payment histories. This legal, credit-boosting method incorporates the entire credit card history into your report, improving your credit score.

Originally designed for primary cardholders to grant access to family, friends, or employees, the AU position inadvertently benefits AUs by leveraging the positive account histories. At Priority Tradelines, we guarantee that your selected tradeline will have low utilization and an excellent credit history, ensuring the most significant score increase in less than 30 days!

Key points about our AU Tradeline products:

  • AUs cannot use the account or make/request changes
  • AUs don't have access to the physical card or associated credit line
  • AUs work best with a credit report free from derogatory information (*No collections, bankruptcy, late payments, or charge-off accounts)

Pre-Order guidelines for AU Tradelines

  • To facilitate timely tradeline posting, please submit full payment and documents for orders prior to the purchase by date for each tradeline.

  • All tradelines require a copy of your driver's license and a valid, signed social security card (both front and back). Upload documents through the order form.

  • IMPORTANT: We do not provide tradelines to CPNs/SCN/TIN.

  • Before placing your order, check for any fraud alerts or security freezes on your credit report, as these may hinder the tradeline posting process. If alerts are present, contact each credit bureau to remove them.

  • Ensure you can access ALL THREE credit reports, as this is necessary to verify successful tradeline posting.

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