Generate Passive Income Effortlessly: Rent Your Credit Accounts Today!

Unlock a Unique Opportunity: Earn Money by Renting Your Authorized User Account. It's a Simple and Profitable Process, Allowing Others to Quickly Improve Their Credit Scores through Your Positive Credit History.

Are you eligible? Check if you meet the criteria:

  • Your personal credit card is open – no closures, collections, charge-offs, or any negative/late payment history EVER.

  • Credit limits must be a minimum of *$5,000 with 10% utilization or lower at all times. (UPDATED 5/2023)

  • The credit card must be 12 months or older.

  • We only accept cards from specific lenders/banks: Pentagon Federal, USAA, PNC, Capital One, Discover, Bank of America, Fidelity/Elan, US Bank, Huntington Bank, and Barclay.

  • If you meet these requirements, you can easily earn money with minimal effort.

To lease your card, please send the following details

  • Issuing bank/lender

  • Month and year the account was opened

  • Credit card limit

  • Current card balance

  • Billing statement date (not the due date)

What's the earning potential for renting good credit?

It varies based on your credit lender, including the authorized user limit, credit history length, and credit limit. Get a free payout estimate by submitting your information. We can provide estimates for each card.

How does it work?

Some credit card issuers allow adding up to 10 authorized users to a card. While your credit history appears on their credit score, these authorized users are not permitted to spend funds on your card.

Our one-time payment updates include your standard credit report and may be integrated with credit scores. Adding positive rental payment history to Credit Reports enables the development of credit history through timely payments.

Individuals with poor credit histories can rent a credit card and experience positive effects on their credit report, including a rapid increase in their credit score.

How to get paid?

Boost your credit with Priority Tradelines! Individuals seeking to enhance their credit reach out directly to Priority Tradelines to purchase authorized user slots. In the subsequent steps, approved primary cardholders are guided to add the authorized user to their card, whether online or through a phone call.

Rest assured, the authorized user never receives a credit card or any details allowing access to the primary cardholder's account. After benefiting from a credit score boost through the primary cardholder's positive credit history, the authorized user can be effortlessly removed from the credit card.

Authorized users pay Priority Tradelines to rent a slot, while primary cardholders receive payment from our company once the tradeline appears on the authorized user's credit report.

Clients have the flexibility to determine how much to rent, and this monthly process can be repeated for multiple cards without limits

Benefits of Leasing a Credit Card:

  • Earn money effortlessly without spending a penny or engaging in strenuous work.

  • No risk of fraud or financial loss when renting your credit score.

  • Rest assured, any personal information provided remains confidential, never leaked, shared, or forwarded.

  • Our process is entirely legal – there are no laws prohibiting the rental of your credit score.

Is this process risky?

Not at all! Renting your credit score is completely seamless. Authorized users cannot use your credit card or access funds. We never request credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or answers to security questions from tradeline brokers. Without these details, no one can use your credit card.

Do you have questions or concerns?

Feel free to reach out, and we'll be happy to address your inquiries.

Credit card companies enable the connection of primary cardholders with authorized users, essentially rewarding individuals for maintaining a positive credit history over an extended period.

To begin, provide the necessary information found in the "Do you meet the following requirements" section and send it via email.