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In 2016, Priority Tradelines opened its doors to serve consumers all over the United States by providing low-cost alternatives for rapid credit enhancement. Based in Fort Worth, Texas we focus on assisting clients to increase their credit scores by using tradelines. We have over 12 years of experience in the financial industry. We strive to help improve our clients credit through trust, education and excellent customer service! We do not provide or offer business tradelines or credit repair.

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We offer the opportunity to enhance your credit score by adding a credit card with a healthy credit history to your credit report. These credit card accounts have perfect payment histories, low balances, and are in good standing. Once added, you will benefit from the payment history. Clients from all over the United States have had the opportunity to buy new cars, homes, and apply for business and personal loans.

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How It Works

Priority Tradelines provides quality tradelines that give your credit score the boost it needs. Tradelines are great for establishing new credit, purchasing a home, renting an apartment, leasing a car or more. Check out our Inventory; Priority Tradelines guarantees that our tradelines have low utilization and excellent credit histories. This grants you the greatest possible score boost in 30 days or less!

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For a good reason, the prospect of a recession causes even the most seasoned financial advisors to shudder. Multiple business cycles of declining economic activity can devastate millions of individuals. Employers may lay off huge numbers of staff if they are experiencing financial difficulties. When retirees need the money they've saved for their golden years, a drop in the stock market can devasta...


With the help of a credit-builder loan, you can either start to establish credit for the first time or make significant strides toward better credit. Ideal for those with low or nonexistent credit scores who have problems obtaining bank loans or credit cards. You might expect to borrow between $200 and $2,000 with six to twenty-four months of repayment terms. In addition to the manageable monthly pa...


An individual's credit report is a treasure trove of data on their financial history and interactions with various lenders. In addition, credit reports typically include information about loans and lines of credit, such as those for automobiles, homes, education, and more. These financial institutions have something in common: you have applied for credit with them, and they have all accessed your c...