Frequently Asked Questions


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Authorized Tradelines

What are tradelines?

A tradeline describes any consumer’s credit account status and activity. For example, a credit card account or auto loan. Tradeline information includes names of companies where the applicant has accounts, dates accounts were opened, credit limits, types of accounts, balances owed and payment histories.

What are authorized user tradelines?

Authorized user tradelines are typically revolving lines of credit on which someone with excellent credit places someone as an authorized user account holder. The tradeline then appears on the user’s credit report. This action alone causes the entire history of the account to be reported as a tradeline on the credit report of the person trying to build the credit. This excellent credit history allows the person wanting to build credit to realize score improvements.

Is adding an authorized user account legal?

Adding an authorized user is legal and is explained in your credit card agreement packet which comes with primary card account.

1. There are no laws which prohibit the purchase of authorized user tradelines.
2. Credit repair attempts are not potential criminal activities.
3. It is a widespread practice which is recognized and accepted in the credit industry.

Does the Authorized User I add have access to my credit card or personal information?

No, the authorized user is never given access to your credit card information nor do you need to share any personal or confidential data.

What types of accounts can I add an Authorized User to?

Credit cards and department store cards are the only ones you can add authorized users to.

When will my tradeline show up on my report?

Please allow up to 14 days after the statement date for your trades to post. A soft inquiry maybe required from creditor monitoring sites like Credit Check Total, Experian or

How long does the tradeline stay on my report?

Authorized user trade lines are good for 60 days and 90 days. Please review the # of months before making your selection as each tradeline may vary from 2-3 months. If you need a tradeline for longer time you may request an extension for an additional fee. Extensions are good for situations such as business funding, preapproval/closing on mortgage, growing and rebuilding your credit score.

Does the Authorized User get a credit card?

No, the primary owner of the card does not have to give the user access to the card.

What information do I need to add an Authorized User?

It can vary by the credit card company but typically:

The Authorized Users
Full Name
Social Security number
Date of birth

What if my tradeline does not show up on my report?

If your tradeline does not appear on your report 14 days after the statement you can fill out a non-posting form at the bottom of the homepage. Our team will review each case carefully to ensure we meet your needs. Please also visit our policy guide for further information regarding the refund policy.

How often is your website updated?

We update our website after every transaction to ensure that clients see and order current inventory.