Frequently Asked Questions

Authorized User (AU) Tradelines

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Authorized & Primary Tradelines

What are tradelines?

A tradeline describes any consumer’s credit account status and activity – for example, a credit card account or auto loan. Tradeline information includes names of companies where the applicant has accounts, the date that the accounts were opened, credit limits, accounts types, balances owed, and payment histories.

What are authorized user tradelines?

Authorized user tradelines are typically revolving lines of credit on which a primary cardholder with excellent credit adds someone as an authorized user or joint account holder. The tradeline then appears on the authorized user’s credit report. This action alone causes the entire history of the account to be reported as a tradeline on the credit report of the person trying to build their credit. The primary cardholder’s excellent credit history allows the authorized user to realize improvement to their credit score.

Is adding an authorized user legal?

Adding an authorized user is legal. The process is explained the primary cardholder’s credit card agreement.
1. There are no laws prohibiting the purchase of authorized user slots.
2. Credit repair attempts are not potential criminal activities.
3. Using authorized user tradelines is a widespread, recognized, and accepted practice in the credit industry.

Does the authorized user have access to primary cardholder’s credit card or personal information?

No, the authorized user is never given access to the primary cardholders credit card information. The primary cardholder does not need to share any personal or confidential data.

What types of accounts can authorizedusers be added to?

Authorized users can only be added to credit cards and department store cards.

When will the tradeline appear on the authorized user’s report?

Please allow up to 10 days after the statement date for the tradelines to post. Some credit monitoring sites like might require a soft inquiry.

How long does the tradeline appear on the authorized user’s report?

Authorized user tradelines are good for 60 and 90 days. Please review the tradeline durations before making your selection as they vary from 2-3 months. If you need a tradeline for a longer time, you may request an extension for an additional fee. Extensions are good for situations such as business funding, preapproval or closing mortgages, or growing and rebuilding your credit score.

Does the authorized user receive a credit card?

No, the primary cardholder does not have to give the authorized user access to the card.

What information is required to add an authorized user?

Requirements vary however, credit card companies usually request the authorized user’s full name, Social Security number, date of birth, and address.

What if the tradeline does not appear on the report?

If the tradeline does not appear on the report within 10 days after the statement date, please fill out the Non-Posting form at the bottom of our home page ( Our team carefully reviews each case to ensure we meet your needs. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for information regarding refunds and other issues.

How often is your website updated?

We update our website after each transaction to ensure that clients see and can order current inventory.

What are primary tradelines?

A tradeline in which you are the primary owner. Unlike authorized tradelines, these accounts appear in your name, on your credit report, and stay on your credit file for a lifetime or 10 years after it is closed. These can be attached to your personal credit profile. Primary tradelines types: auto, installment, or revolving.

Do primary tradelines report to all three credit bureaus?

This varies depending on the lender’s relationship with the credit bureau. Some primary tradelines only report to one whereas some report to all three (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) bureaus. Before making your selection review the statement details to determine which bureaus your primary tradeline will report to.

When will the primary tradeline post?

Each tradeline is different. Primary tradelines generally post 15 days after the statement date.

How long will the primary tradeline appear on a report?

Primary tradelines vary depending on the lender. Typically, they stay on your credit file for a lifetime or 10 years after it is closed.

Are the accounts open and in good standing?

All primary tradelines are open in good standing. The accounts are active, with long histories and are paid on time.

Why are these tradelines worth the cost?

Authorized users accounts alone aren’t always enough to secure products and loans. Banks and lenders prefer reports with a credit mix; accounts should be revolving as well as installment. Authorized users can help assist with building credit; however, these primary tradelines are far more effective and a step above.

These accounts are good for building credit, purchasing a home, rebuilding or re-establishing credit, or to simply boost credit scores for a specific period. Every credit profile needs to have a mixture of creditfrom primary accounts and authorized users. These are well worth the investment.

What information is needed to add a primary tradeline?

Once you select your primary, complete the order detail form and attach your driver’s license and Social Security card. Your Login and Password credentials through Experian/, and a clear copy of a pay stub, w-2, and/or bank statement.