Sell your authorized user tradelines and let your credit earn you money!

Authorized User (AU) Tradelines

Priority Tradelines is dedicated to providing excellent credit enhancement services. We verify and reply to all requests within 48 hours. Your payment and personal information are secure and protected throughout our entire process.

Get paid by renting your credit score with little effort and no selling.

It may sound odd, but it is true; you can earn money by renting an authorized user account on your credit cards. Renting your credit card is an easy and profitable process. These authorized users can boost their credit score fast by associating with your good credit history.

Do you meet the following requirements?

  • The credit card is open – not closed, in collections, have charge-off or any negative/ late payment history EVER.
  • The credit limits must have a minimum of $1,000 with 10% utilization or lower at all times.
  • The credit card must be 12 months or older.
  • **As of 12/1/2021** We are only accepting the following credit cards from the following Lenders/Banks **Navy Federal, Pentagon Federal, USAA, BBVA/PNC, Discover, Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, US Bank, Barclay and Fidelity. 

If you meet these requirements, it is easier for you to make money with minimal effort. To rent your card you must submit the following information to [email protected]:

  • Issuing bank/Lender
  • Month and Year account was open
  • Credit card limit
  • Current card balance
  • Billing statement date (Not the due date)

Tradelines make it easy for you to earn money by helping someone gain a positive credit history.

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How much can I earn renting good credit?

It depends on your credit lender; what’s credit card’s authorized users limit, credit history length, and the credit limit. Submit your information for a free, pay estimate. We can do this for each card.

Where do you find people to fill authorized user slots?

There are a lot of people who have bad credit due to poor financial decisions or out of control credit limits. Unfortunately, these people face grotesquely-high mortgage interest rates. To qualify for lower interest rates, theymust find a way to improve their credit scores. Most methods to improve credit scores involve years of waiting and discipline.

A faster solution is becoming an authorized useron a card with a healthy credit history.

When an authorized user is added to a card with a seasoned history their credit score receives a boost. For example, a card that has been opened for over 5 years, with a $10,000 credit limit, and good payment history will have a significant positive impact on the authorized user’s score.

People who are want to build up their credit score fast are looking for people who have excellent credit and willing to rent their authorized users slots. Priority Tradelines acts as a trusted middleman for buying and selling authorized user slots.

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How does it work?

Some credit card issuers permit adding up to 9 authorized users to a card. Your credit history will appear on their credit score, but these authorized users are not allowed spend the funds on your card.

Your one-time payment updates are comprised of your standard credit report or it may unify with credit scores. The act of adding positive rental payment history with Experian Credit Reports permits one to develop credit history via timely rental payments.

People with bad credit histories can rent a credit card. They’ll receive the positive effects to their credit report including a rapid increase to their credit score.

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How to get paid?

People looking to improve their credit contact Priority Tradelines directly to purchase authorized user slots. Later in the process approved primary cardholders are instructed to add the authorized user to their card. This can be done online or via a phone call.

The authorized user will never receive a credit card or any details enabling them to access the primary cardholder’s account. Once the authorized user gains a boost in their credit score from the primary cardholder’s positive credit history, they can remove the authorized user from the credit card.

Authorized users pay Priority Tradelines to rent a slot. Primary cardholders receive payment from our company once the tradeline appears on the authorized user’s credit report.

Clients determine how much to rent from their wallet. This monthly process can repeat for multiple cards without limits.

What are you selling?

Nothing. No one can sell anything or use money from the rented cards. This credit score boosting process only involves renting authorized user slots.

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Advantages of renting a credit card

  • Earn money without spending a penny or doing hard work.
  • There is no risk of fraud or loss of money for renting your credit score.
  • Any personal information provided is never leaked, shared, or forwarded.
  • Dealing with us is a completely legal process. There is no law prohibiting renting your credit score.

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Is this process risky?

Renting your credit score is risk-free! Authorized users can never use your credit card or access funds. We never ask tradeline brokers for their credit card number, Social Security number, or answers to any security questions. Without these, no one can use your credit card.

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Is renting a credit card worth it?

Yes! Renting a credit card is definitely worthwhile to brokers and those who rent. There is no limit to getting authorized users who are looking to boost their credit score fast.

Have doubts or question?

Send us a message and we’ll gladly answer your query.

Credit card companies allow connectingprimary cardholders with authorized users. Think of it as being rewarded for maintaining a healthy credit history for a long time.

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