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Tradeline and Credit Repair go together like a hand in a glove. Let’s break it down. To establish or own anything using our finances, one needs a credit report which is basically your reputation or baggage in the financial world. Fixing this “image” is what the whole business is about. The most frequently used term in this case is a tradeline. In fact it is the most popular terminology in the industry.

Tradelines are a process or in effect the accounts; mortgage, line of credit or credit cards, which are communicated to the agencies containing a breakdown of the account details. The important thing to note here is that client reports are created with information compiled by these agencies;

  • Financial records in terms of amount credited or debited.
  • Dates on which accounts were opened.
  • Credit limits.
  • Types of accounts.
  • Balances owed.
  • Payment histories.

This is the information which is used by lenders to determine the credit worthiness of any loan applicant, also known as FICO score.

The aforementioned FICO score is basically the most commonly used model of measurement created by the Fair Isaac Corporation. It allows lenders to judge and determine credit risk and evaluate further extension. There are two commonly used versions of this and they are version 8 and 9 which individually consist of different features. Once the evaluations have taken place, FICO crunches this newly added credit and calculates a new score.

Now the question is, Who and what will help you with the FICO and Tradeline Queries? Who do you need to do boost your credit score?

A credit repair company like Priority Tradelines or Priority Credit Restoration where:

  • Credit reports are extracted from the 3 renowned bureaus; Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
  • We set right any errors on the reports.
  • Working towards Improving the FICO score using versions 8 or 9 (9 being the latest and more concise version) according to the requirements of the client is of utmost importance.
  • Arrangement of the removal of negative items on the account takes place.
  • Apt usage of credit repair laws for best results is implicated.

Anybody reading up on tradeline and credit repair is looking to fix poor rating and rapid increase of credit score, therefore, an authorized user tradeline needs to be added to the system. This basically means that individuals looking to undertake this process can purchase and established credit line to augment their FICO score by riding off of the account which is held worthy and substantial. This can be done because the creditors generally provide the information to the bureaus as an authorized user. The following procedures carried out by brokers like us will not only fix poor ratings but boost credit score overnight.

One of the most important aspects of implicating this idea is being aware of the law which surrounds this concept. Credit repair cannot be carried out without an agreement for the services and purchase of tradelines need to be sealed with a signed agreement from the provider.

The aim of the game is to achieve the best score in order to facilitate and maintain loans, mortgages, line of credit and credit card.

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