Locking Interest Rates Can Help You Save Thousands of Dollars

It’s Time to Lock in Your Interest Rates! Learn How?

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There is a plunge in interest rates globally, and times such as now, when the pandemic is causing the economic crisis, it is feared that the American Economy is about to see the toughest times in its history.

Low-interest rates are beneficial when economists are trying to encourage the people to buy and make investments for the inflow of cash but, talking broadly, it can affect the economy, if not curbed timely. There should be a balance where an increase and decrease in interest rates are working in progression to benefit the economy of the country.

Now, the question arises, why now is the best time to lock in your interest rates?

Three factors on which the interest rates fluctuate and those are the decisions by Federal Reserve System (FED), the investor demands which are dependent on the US Treasury Notes and Bonds, and third is the decision by the various Banks.

The role of the banking industry is vital! The decision to get a loan for a property like buying a home or a car depends on the interest rates offered by the Banks, and the interest rates fluctuate quite often.

It is wise to lock in your interest rate at the time when you apply for the loan. Typically, a loan approves between 14 to 90 days, and when you opt for a lock-in option, you get the time frame of 60 days to keep the interest rate locked.

What is the benefit of locking interest rates? Is it worth the money?

One may think about why to pay the extra fee to get the interest lock-in period feature. Do know that when you are applying for any loan, the interest rate at the time of filing the loan can be different from the interest rate at the time when the loan approves. If you did not lock the interest rate, then the time when the file is closing, that current interest rate will automatically become applicable.

To depend on luck and think that some magic will happen and things will go in your favor at the time when the loan is about to finalize, is a dream. Do not think that a loan will be in your favor because you are calculating that the interest rate will dwindle by the time your loan approves. It can go the other way round! In trying to save that little fee for the lock-in period, you may end up paying an interest rate far more than you might have anticipated.

Benefits Of Locking In Interest Rates!

1. Allow you to calculate and choose the best rate: Everyday rates change, and sometimes within a few hours, interest rates can increase or decrease. When you ask for a lock-in period, you can lock the best interest rate for 60 days (depends on the lender). 

That means it’s a win-win situation if the interest rate increases where you will not have to agree to that rate as you already locked-in the best interest rate for your loan.

2. Float-down option: Also, the feature can include the onetime float-down option if in case the interest rate goes down, you can use this feature to set the new lower interest rate and lock it in. 

Isn’t that great? You get the option to use a lower interest rate, which cannot be possible otherwise. A small fee for locking in period can help you decide wisely, saving you thousands of dollars later.

3. It works in your best interest! Mortgage on home and cars can get quite heavy on the pocket, and though the rates are steady and the abrupt decision by the FED from time to time cannot affect that much, but lock in interest rates give you that mental security if the things blow out of proportion later.

The fee for getting the lock-in feature can be anywhere around 0.25 to 0.50 percent on the total loan applied. Now that may seem expensive at first but thinking about the benefit of getting the option to set the best interest rate for the loan can help you save thousands of dollars, which otherwise could have gone in the pocket of the bank.

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