How to Add Rent and Utilities to Your Credit Report

How to Add Rent and Utilities to Your Credit Report

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More than 43 million people in the United States pay rent, although their credit reports would lead you to believe otherwise. In truth, most rent and utility payments are not recorded by credit agencies, so you could not be earning credit for bills you pay regularly. Here's how to update your credit report with rent and utility payments.

The Workings of Tradelines

Your creditors are not obligated to report to the credit bureaus, including your credit card issuer, loan issuer, utility provider, and apartment owner. They do, however, have to pay a charge to report to the credit departments. Paying all of your bills on time—every time—is the best way to develop credit because your payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score.

However, if you pay your rent and utilities on time and promptly, you may be able to improve your credit score. All you have to do now is persuade your creditors to report you to the credit departments. If you report them, the credit bureaus will record them on your credit report and use them to calculate your credit ratings.

Become a Member of Extra Credit

We don't want to come across as arrogant, but Extra credit is one of the simplest ways to get your rent and utility payments recorded as new tradelines on each bureau's credit reports. Extra credit allows you to combine those payments, as well as many others, into a single account at a fraction of the cost of other services.

Extra credit will securely link to your bank account and identify rent and utility payments automatically, before facilitating a connection with each credit reporting agency. In a few weeks, your payments will begin to appear as tradelines on each credit report. If you make on-time payments, these payments will appear as tradelines on your credit report, which will help you develop your credit profile.

Consider Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) scores and credit reports from each of the three major credit agencies. Also included is $1 million in identity theft insurance. There are also cashback chances. Plus, you'll get a unique discount from one of the industry's top credit repair companies. It's only $24.99 per month. Extra credit is not the only company that provides rent and utility reporting, but we are the only one that also provides total credit protection.

Experian Boost 

Experian Boost can help you to add utility and other payments to your credit report. Boost is a free service that solely adds good payment history to your Experian credit report. If a creditor pulls your Equifax or TransUnion scores, the boost from Experian Boost will be useless.

Accounts such as phone bills, utilities, Netflix, Disney plus, and rent payments have been recorded to the credit bureau which helps establish positive accounts at a very low cost.

Other Third-Party Services can be used

Rent Reporters and Simple Bills are two other third-party platforms that can help you add tradelines to your report. However, this requires creating numerous accounts and keeping track of them separately, as well as not having simple access to your credit scores and credit reports to see how those payments affect your credit profile. In addition, these services usually have a high sign-up charge as well as monthly expenses. Many only reports to one or two of the three credit departments.

Take help from your Landlord

Another alternative is to personally contact your landlord or other creditor and request that they begin reporting your payments to the credit bureaus. Remember that there is a price involved, so they may not be interested. You might offer to pay, but if you're paying, you should probably create an account that you can access regularly.

Credit Score Techniques

Obtaining a secured or unsecured loan and responsibly using the credit is a more efficient strategy to increase your credit score. Consumer information is reported to all three credit agencies by these lenders, and paying account balances on time (and in whole, if possible) can help develop a positive credit history.

Credit bureaus include a variety of elements when calculating credit scores. The length of your credit history, your credit mix, and your new credit are all important factors. The most critical variable is a track record of making on-time payments, followed by the total amount outstanding. Credit usage is another term for this.

Credit utilization ratios can also play a role in calculating credit ratings. The credit utilization ratio compares the quantity of credit used to the total amount of credit available (sum of all credit limits on all loans).

If a person has only utilized 10% of their total available credit, for example, the ratio is relatively low, and this low utilization rate will almost certainly have a good impact on a credit score. The credit usage ratio is high if an individual has several loans that have reached their credit limits—i.e., are "maxed out". Credit utilization rates can be reduced by paying down account balances or requesting credit limit increases.

Self is also a great tool to help build and establish new credit as your trying to rebuild or add new accounts to your credit report.


Is Paying Rent a Good Way to Establish Credit?

Paying your rent has nothing to do with your credit score. However, if you are new to credit or have little experience with it, reporting your rent payments can help you improve your credit.

For a year, 12,000 renters were tracked by TransUnion as they reported their rent payments. According to the study, scores improved by 16 points on average six months after rent reporting began. Scores below 620, which are considered bad credit, had the greatest growth.

If you rent again, having rental payment information on your credit report can be beneficial. Landlords favor tenants that have a track record of paying their rent on time.

Other credit-building tactics, on the other hand, are more effective than rent reporting because they affect all credit scores and typically report to all three credit agencies. They can also be less expensive or even free in the event of authorized users.

  • You can profit from someone else's good credit history by becoming an authorized user of their credit card.
  • A secured credit card, which needs a deposit and frequently serves as your credit limit, is available.
  • Many credit unions and community banks offer credit-building loans. Your loan payments are reported to the credit bureaus, and you may only access the funds once you've paid them off.
  • Using incredible Lift or Experian Boost, you can have utility payments posted to your credit report.


Adding your rent and utility payments to your credit report isn't the only strategy to improve your credit score. Because your payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score, the easiest way to develop credit is to pay all of your obligations on time, every time.

Consider getting a secured credit card or taking out a credit-builder loan if you don't have any credit accounts. These credit-building methods are ideal for people who have a spotty credit history.


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