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Get Paid On Rent Your Credit Score with Little Effort & No Selling

It may sound odd to hear the first time but yes it is true, you can earn money by renting an authorized user account on credit cards. It is an easy process to rent your credit card to an individual who uses it to there Boost Credit Score Fast, it will be profitable for you because they will borrow good credit history. If you have:

  • The credit card cannot be closed, in collections, charge-off or any negative payment history
  • The credit limits minimum of $500 with the 20% Utilization or lower 
  • The credit card of a minimum 6 months old

Then it is easier for you to make money with minimal effort. It is not difficult for anyone to maintain a positive credit history to get the benefit of it. Tradelines make it easy that you can find someone to provide a positive credit history.

How Much Can Get Paid To Rent Good Credit

It directly depends on the lender, how many authorized users you can get using a credit card, the length of credit history and the credit limit amount. You can submit your info for a free pay estimate per card provided.  

Did Finding Authorize User Slots?

There are a lot of people who have poor credit, the reason is their bad financial judgments or out of control credit limit. As a result, these people can opt for a mortgage at the grotesquely high-interest rates. In order to get a loan at the low rate of interest, these people find the way to improve their credit scores. However, there are too many ways to improve the credit score such as wait for some years to process the credit score or via any other way but it may be or maybe not that their repayment history will be reported by Credit Repair Company, banks or the credit bureaus. Thus, a person will take a long time to improve the credit history.

What an authorized user is required to do, add the credit card history on their credit report.

It is like this, if you add an authorized user to a card that has 5-10 years old credit card history with at least limit of $10,000 along with a good payment history, it will have a positive impact on the members score.

This is just an example, people who are looking to build up their credit score faster look for other people who have excellent credit and are willing to rent their authorized users slots to the people in need. The people looking to rent authorized users slots to needful people, thus both kinds of people can come to a Tradelines to get respective advantages. We are here to buy authorized slots you have with yourself and sell it to the people who can use the credit card to provide good credit history.

How Does It Work?

Some credit card issuer permits to add up between 5 and 9 authorized users to credit card while these authorized users are not allowed to use funds using credit cards. Still, your credit history can be seen on their credit score.

Your one-time payment updates are comprised of your standard credit report or it may unify with credit scores. The act of adding positive rental payment history with Experian Credit Reports permits one to develop credit history via timely rental payments.

People having bad credit history can rent a credit card to maintain the positive and effective credit report. And thus it works to Rapid Increase Credit Score.

How It Proceeds To Generate Money

We ask the peoples who are willing to improve their credit score can come directly to our company and allow them to buy authorized user slots. We require the people who want to rent their good credit history to the periodic payment. If you are agreeing to rent your card, you will be asked questions as:

  • Issuing bank
  • The exact date when the credit card was opened
  • Limit of Credit Card
  • Balance
  • Billing statement date

The process will go further to recommend you to add an authorized user. For this, you can go online or make a call. The user will never receive your card nor any other relevant details which allow the user to access your account, it simply refers to your account security. Once the positive credit history developed a credit score and you have progressed to Boost Credit Score Fast, you have right to remove the authorized user from the credit card. The authorized user who buys your card for rent will pay us in return. As the payment come to us we send it to you once the tradeline appears on the clients' report. This process you can run on monthly basis keep on repeating as well as you have right to access several cards for rent without limit. It's up to you how much you want to rent from your wallet.

What Are You Selling?

Nothing, no one can sell anything or use money from your card. It is simply, you are renting a credit card to an authorized user’s slot. The people willing to rent their card must be known to the Tradelines.

Advantages Of Renting Credit Score

  • The biggest benefit is only renting your card, you will earn money without spending any a penny or doing hard.
  • There is no risk of fraud, loss of money or anything else on renting your credit score.
  • However, we don’t require your personal information yet whatever info we required is not leaked, shared or forwarded at any cost.
  • Dealing with us is completely a legal process. There is no law disallow us from renting your credit score for sale.

Is This Process Risky?

You will be glad to know that there is no risk to rent your credit score as the authorized user can never use your credit card. As a Tradeline Broker, we never ask you for the credit card number, SSN or any other security questions, without knowing this no one can use your credit card price.

Is It Worth To Buy Credit Card For Rent?

Glancing at all the benefits of renting a credit card to authorized users, of course, it is worth it. A number of people who aware of Tradelines look for the way to rent their credit card score. An individual can easily Boost Credit Score Overnight against the significant amount of finance even without any risk. There is no limit to getting authorized users. It is also worth when you can pay interest using credit card debts.


The common questions on renting your credit card to the authorized users have already been given a brief description. Still, if you have any doubt or any other question, we feel glad to answer your queries and make you our customer. The important thing one must know that the credit card companies have legal permission to connect the credit card holders with authorized users. It is simply you are rewarded for maintaining a credit history for a long time. Overall you can say this is a win-win profession.

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